Could The Vampire Diaries Survive Without Its Three Main Characters?

The Vampire Diaries

Is it possible for The Vampire Diaries to survive without one of its three main characters? That certainly seems like the probably outcome considering recent on the set discussions. Reports confirm that only two of the three main characters have signed up for another season. This means either Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder or Nina Dobrev will be saying goodbye to their roles.

It is unlikely to be Wesley. He has had fun in the role of Stefan Salvatore, and there is no reason on the set for him not to stay. He was previously married to co-star Torrey DeVitto, but she is no longer on set to make him want to leave.

The issue is between Somerhalder and Dobrev. They previously dated for two years, and since breaking up have had to continue their on-screen relationship. Somerhalder is reportedly bringing new girlfriend Nikki Reed on the set of The Vampire Diaries, making it difficult for Dobrev to work. It appears that one of them could choose to leave.

Guardian Liberty Voice previously reported that Dobrev may be the one to call it quits on the show. She wants to focus on her movie career, according to various reports. While this is something Somerhalder wanted, it appears that his 25-year-old ex-girlfriend has more of a chance. It makes sense for her to move on and become a big movie star, and her current TV show will be holding her back.

However, could The Vampire Diaries survive without one of its three main characters? Could it really survive without its female character Elena Gilbert? She is the person the whole story has revolved around, both in the books and on the screen. It would be difficult to move onto another main female character, and many would question if there was a reason for Stefan or Damon to remain in the area without her being around.

Executive producer Julie Plec almost confirms that one of the main characters will be saying goodbye. She says that the actors who play the characters that are being killed off at the end of this season of The Vampire Diaries will be sitting at home, hoping it will not be them. It is hard for her as the executive producer, who loves each and every one of her characters.

She had already changed the storyline of the books to make sure Elena remained human for longer, and did not end up dying as a vampire. However, that could all change and Elena could be the one to die at the end of season six. Plec admits that plenty of actors have agreed to more seasons, so there are plenty of other stories to tell.

Of course, a seventh season of The Vampire Diaries has not yet been confirmed. It is unlikely to get a confirmation until next year, but network execs will be considering their options. So far, the vampire show is likely to get the green light for a new season considering it is one of the most popular shows for the network. Others include Reign, Supernatural and The Originals.

It may depend on the character that leaves. A number of fans have already decided they will stop watching the show if Damon is killed off. That was clear after the season five finale. However, could The Vampire Diaries survive if any of the three main characters are killed off?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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