Justin Bieber Does Not Actually Own Private Jet He Was Boasting Of

All those who experienced extreme jealousy and resentment towards Justin Bieber for managing to splurge to get his own private jet over Christmas can rest easy. As in turns out, the Canadian pop star does not actually own the plane at all and was merely renting it for a flight over the holiday season, much to the contrary of how it seemed based on the photographs posted on his Instagram and Shots account on December 25.

It was revealed today that the 20-year-old is not, in fact, the owner of the G4 in question. Sources connected with knowledge of the aircraft in question tell TMZ that the plane is for sale, and that Bieber had merely gotten permission to chartered it for an Xmas flight back to the states from his native country, in which he spent time over the holidays with his family. Essentially, the pop star used the aircraft as a ride-sharing service, albeit a tad more expensive than the traditional taxi or Uber.

Bieber garnered quite a bit of public attention upon posting the aforementioned selfie in the tricked out jet, with both fans and naysayers both being absolutely astounded that the singer would spend such an inordinate amount of money on said luxurious transport vehicle. Many said that he was simply throwing his wealth away in order to look flashy, and that this was why fame and fortune were wasted on the youth as they clearly had no idea how to be responsible enough to handle it.

And then there were those that were skeptical regarding the likelihood of the jet even belonging to Bieber himself, given the amount the ride would cost compared to the singer’s net worth. Although the Believe chart-topper is said to be worth a whopping two hundred million dollars, the G4 in question is estimated at around $60 mil. Although the purchase would certainly not have sent him scurrying to the unemployment line, it would have no doubt put a dent in his finances and therefore many were unsure just whether or not he would make that kind of irrational decision.

Speculation behind why Bieber would have purchased the jet also began to fly, with most rumors coming to rest on the idea that he was aiming at yet another last-ditch attempt to win back the heart of on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. An insider recently told HollywoodLife that the pop star had convinced himself that the Texas brunette would be overwhelmed at the opportunity to be swept away via private jet just as they had always talked about, and therefore his chances at working his way back into her heart would be increased at least somewhat by his having made the gesture.

It remains to be seen whether or not Justin Bieber will ever truly take the jump and purchase himself a private jet of his very own. For now, however, the G4 he posed with on Christmas day has turned out to be merely a rental he arranged in order to make his transition between Canada and the United States a little bit easier.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Kim Erlandsen – Flickr License