South Africa Land of Thieves and Corrupt Dark Forces

South Africa

South Africa is fast becoming the land of thieves as dark, corrupt forces continue to disregard laws and international boundaries. In any other country in the world, improper actions of any military personnel would be investigated and dealt with, but not in South Africa. Everybody blames President Jacob Zuma and rightly so, as the man of the moment, in charge of turning the country into a first-world democracy, has messed up.

Everybody is intent on stealing as much as possible, and while there is a Commission of Inquiry into an arms deal, the real fallout of the actual arms corruption is not being dealt with appropriately. Entertainment between military personal and politicians never ceases to end, and it is the politicians who are seemingly at the bidding of the generals.

A new report details cover-ups, intelligence breaches and theft of military plans, as well as secret nuclear deals with extremist groups in the country. Major intelligence agencies have begun leaking top secret information which says that Johannesburg is rated as a prominent and flourishing station of international undercover activities.

Leaked information details how spies in Pretoria, a suburb in Gauteng, South Africa, hid facts about Israel’s obtaining stolen South African weapon plans. Stolen information from Denel was offered to the undercurrents of the corruption and crime world, but in 2010, two men were arrested after the police, following tips about the plan, set up a trap to ensnare the perpetrators. There has been a leak of secret communications from 2006 up until last year between South Africa intelligence staff and unsavory people around the world. Leaks detailing al-Qaeda and Islamic states, among others, were noted. Spy agencies around the world have been affected or, at least, will suffer a severe blow to secret information.

Perhaps one of the most critical leaks was that of documents about Iran approaching South Africa leadership to manipulate a way around imposed  international sanctions by Western powers. According to reports, the former president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, met with Iranian officials who requested help for their nuclear program. The recent leaks also detailed accounts of North Korean spies calling on South Africa for assistance.

The current report is one of the worst security leaks and can place South Africa in a precarious position, considering the international sanctions against Iranian bodies. Careful consideration is called for by opposition government parties who view the risk of South Africa being slapped with sanctions should proof of negotiating contracts with such countries be detailed. Mbeki was unavailable for comment, and the African National Congress (ANC) Presidency spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, declined to comment.

The rule of law has been compromised in South Africa, and it would appear as if the entire ANC government continues to play in the contaminated environment. The security leaks are fast becoming a situation that pervades the whole security system of South Africa. Based on the destructive behavior in Parliament last week, it would appear to the world that South Africa is on the brink of destruction.

South Africa has become a backwater infested with large groups of thieves and criminals. Criminals and thieves employed in state structures are cloaked in the law, abusing the legal system in order to steal on a magnitude seldom heard.

Various people have suffered because of the corrupt persons with insatiable appetites for stealing and an inherent laziness pertaining to work. Institutions such as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), which has been described by retired Judge Johan Kriegler as a corrupt organization, are one of the main instigators of all these corrupt actions. It is known that documents are falsified to assist these criminals in plundering.

South Africa has, since 1994, steadily started losing its luster, and today, criminals zoom in on South Africa as it appears that criminality rules. The president was charged with over 700 charges of fraud. Zuma is a man who has been implicated in nearly every dark deed that has come to the fore. Zuma is the man to whom the African National Congress (ANC) bows. Indeed, South Africa is the land of thieves controlled by the dark forces of corruption.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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Image by Eric Miller – Flickr License