Adam Sandler Movie ‘Ridiculous Six’ Offensive to Native Americans


The Adam Sandler Netflix movie that he is currently filming, The Ridiculous Six, is so offensive to the Native Americans working on it that around a dozen have quit, walking off of the set in protest on Wednesday. The Native American actors realized that the movie was meant to be a satirical comedy, but they did not feel like they were being treated with respect or were being portrayed in a respectful manner.

The Adam Sandler flick, The Ridiculous Six, is the first of four that the comedian is making for the streaming video company. The Native Americans who signed up to act in the movie knew that Sandler is noted for having an often crude sense of humor, but they did not think that they would be treated with as much disrespect as they felt was directed at them, and that their input would be ignored.

The Netflix movie, The Ridiculous Six, which Adam Sandler co-wrote the script for and stars in, is meant to be a a spoof of The Magnificent Seven. It is being directed by Frank Coraci. One of the Native American women characters in it is called “No Bra” and another is called “Beaver’s Breath.” Also, the script reportedly calls for one of the Native American women, who is portraying an Apache, to squat and relieve her bladder while also smoking a peace pipe.

Some of the Native American actors, including Allison Young, a Navajo, went to voice their concerns to the producers of the movie. Young stated that the producers told them that they should leave if they were “so sensitive.” That is what the actors eventually did, finally fed up with how they were being portrayed and treated in such a stereotypical manner.

The Native American actors involved filming Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous Six can take a joke, but they felt that the movie’s script went beyond being funny to being downright offensive. Navajo Nation tribal member Loren Anthony said he was told that “it was going to be a comedy, but it would not be racist.” Anthony agreed to do the movie, but was one of the Native Americans who walked off the set when “things started getting weird on the set.”

Anthony stated that they were not being portrayed correctly, that they were supposed to be Apaches, but “We looked more like Comanche.” For example, some of the Native American actors were asked to wear their hair in braids or chokers, which is common among the Comanches, but not the Apache.

Another of the Native American actors, David Hill, who is a Choctaw, stated that “our dignity is not for sale.” Even the the cultural adviser was one of the Native Americans who walked off the set.

The Ridiculous Six, which is being produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions for Netflix, also stars Luke Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Will Forte, Rob Schneider, Nick Nolte, John Turturro, and Taylor Lautner. Wyatt Earp will be played by Blake Shelton, Mark Twain will be played by Vanilla Ice, and the role of General Custer will be played by comedian David Spade.

Netflix responded to the criticism leveled against the Adam Sandler movie with the statement that the movie is meant to be “ridiculous” just as the title suggests. It is actually a satire on, according to the statement Netflix released, “Western movies and the stereotypes they popularized.” The statement added that the “diverse cast” was both a part of, and “in on — the joke.”

According to one of the extras in the Adam Sandler movie, Goldie Tom, when the Native American actors were finally allowed to voice the concerns that they had to the director, he told them “the disrespect was not intentional and this was a comedy.” They were reportedly not allowed to speak to Adam Sandler, and they were also told that the script was not going to be changed.

Filming continued on Thursday, despite the dozen or more Native Americans who walked off of the set of Adam Sandler’s flick, The Ridiculous Six, because they were offended at the way that Native Americans were being portrayed in the film. They felt that the script was insulting and depicted Native Americans in a stereotypical manner. The producers of the movie have, reportedly, talked to the consultant and actors since they walked off of the set, and they might return, if changes are made.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Daily Mail
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  1. Martin Curtis   December 13, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    I saw the movie andd it was great(The Magnificent Seven was much better) but i missed some of the racist parts of it.The Native Aericans should have ben treated with much more respect. Natives have been protectin thoer homeland from terrorism since 1492 and folks pretend to be thier freinds and throw concrete over sacred land and claim it thiers,poison,dam, and take from every stream and river,cram all the natives onto Native Americans, and Now a Native American eould be arrested for shooting a bison with his bow or .45-70,.30-06 or any caliber rifle capable of takin bison. Its higj time Native Americans get equal rights and 100% of thier land back. Americans think they come from the worlds greatest country,when in reality they just stole it from the Native Americans that gave them THanksgivin day.

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