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Season eight of The Voice is premiering its all-star night, Monday, April 27. The show first appearance occurred in 2011 with coaching judges Christina Aguilera, Ceelo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. The coached judges have circulated on and off the show many times, so a variety of other successful artists have the chance to coach America’s talented singers. The upcoming episode is in for an exciting collaboration of former judges Usher, Ceelo Green, and Gwen Stefani, to prepare the succeeding eight singers for the all-star night.

Current judges Aguilera, Shelton, Levine, and Pharrell Williams will remain doing their parts as judges. However, joining the former coaches for The Voice all-star night, adds more pressure and suspense to the two-hour episode, for the eight upcoming artists trying to win.

It is exciting to see the original coach Ceelo collaborate with the current and previous coaches on the red and black stage. The coaches and judges will be giving their various opinions to push the contestants forward or behind. Since each judge and coach have their individual personalities, and beliefs of how one should present themselves as an artist to their fans and managers.

Ceelo is one of the original coaches of the show from seasons 1-3, and came back after a two year break for season 5. Having him on the show is always fun to watch because he really tries to help the upcoming artists remain strong, and go above and beyond to reveal their greatest talent to the world. The Voice, season eight reuniting former judges also brings many of the judges closer, since Usher was on the show for seasons four and six and did not get a chance to work with Ceelo. It is also great to have Stefani come back because she was only a judge on the show for one season, so getting more of her intake on how the upcoming artist should prepare themselves for the all-star night, also has everyone eager to hear what she has to say. Although current coach Williams is on The Voice, seeing how he interacts with the former coaches will also stir an uproar amongst fans, since this is only his second time hosting the show.

The eight remaining contestants this episode have really been upstaging one another during their performances on The Voice. Bars have been set very high with singers such as Kimberly Nicole, one singer on Aguilera’s team, singing, Something’s Got a Hold on Me, by Etta James, judges have stated she reinvented the rating for number 10. Aguilera’s other team player, India Carney, was afraid to perform her chosen song Run To You, by Whitney Houston, and killed the show. While her third team player played the piano during his performance, Rob Taylor sung, Donny Hathaway’s, A Song For You. On the other hand, on Levine’s team, his singer Joshua Davis, took his coaches advice and sung Hold Back the River, by James Bay, he was able to find comfort to sing at his own pace and tempo. Deanna Johnson is Levine’s other talented team player and she stole the show singing, Somebody to Love, by Jefferson Airplane. Hannah Kirby is Sheraton’s team-member, she broke her barriers and allowed herself to get in touch with her chosen song, Shout, by Tears for Fears, which took over her performance. While Corey Kent, the remaining country singer gave an upbeat performance and sung, Unwound, by George Strait. William’s team player, Koryn Hawthorne, a 16-year-old-singer, let her voice go, with Ed Sheerans, Make It Rain, one of her troubling songs and was able to make it to the top eight. Sawyer Fredericks, William’s other team mate, was also a 16-year-old, and he sung GooGoo Dolls, Iris.

There are many talented contestants during this season of The Voice. With their versatile performances it is getting harder for the judges to eliminate contestants. Having The Voice bring three of its former coaches back to reunite and engage with the present coaches to determine who is the best fit to win the all-star night, makes it easier for the present judges to decide.


By Krystle Mitchell



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  1. Annah305   April 25, 2015 at 6:34 am

    u forgot to explain to people who don’t know why Shakira isn’t in this reunion. not every1 is uppdated about her many the voice fans have been asking why everywhere and i tell them why becuz. i’m always up to date w her becuz m a big fan of hers but not evey1 is and thats why u need to include why Shakira is missing. and if u don’t know urself why. then it’s becuz she just had her second baby in january and is 3 months old now and thats why she isn’t coming back for the reunion.

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