‘Dancing With the Stars’: Finale Night [Recap]

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars on ABC is down to the wire now, as tonight, Finale Night, the Top Three celebs danced for the very last time this season, to try to become the winner of the golden Mirrorball Trophy during the Results Show on Tuesday night. Tomorrow, one of the three celebs, Riker Lynch, Rumer Willis, or Noah Galloway, will be declared the winner and take home the Mirrorball Trophy.

The three celebs and their professional dance partners danced two dances tonight on Dancing With the Stars. One was a dance that each had previously danced this season, and the other one was a Freestyle dance. The couples started off the show by dancing a style that they had danced earlier in the season.

Noah Galloway and his pro partner on Dancing With the Stars, Sharna Burgess, were the first couple of the evening to perform. For their reprise dance, they did an Argentine Tango to Clean Bandit’s song Rather Be. They did a terrific job, but the judges did not give them super-high scores. They received all 8s, for a total of 32 out of 40 possible points.

The second celebrity to dance on Dancing With the Stars was Riker Lynch. He and Allison Holker danced a Paso Doble, reprising their performance from Disney Monday of Klaus Badelt’s song, He’s a Pirate. They put on an AMAZING, very impressive performance, wowing the judges and the audience. The judges awarded the couple scores of all 10s, for a perfect 40 points.

Then, Rumer Willis was the third celeb to dance on Dancing With the Stars tonight. She had been having troubles with a rib injury , but she managed to tough it out tonight. She and Val did for their reprise dance one from all the way back to the first week, dancing a Foxtrot. They danced it to Hozier’s smash hit, Take Me to Church.

Rumer and Val NAILED this dance, and also earned a perfect score from the judges, of all 10s, for a total of 40 points. That put them in a tie, so far, at any rate, with Riker and Allison.

The second round of dances on Dancing With the Stars tonight began with Noah and Sharna once again taking the dance floor. They danced a Contemporary dance to David Guetta’s song, Titanium, and also to Coldplay’s song, Fix You. This time around, Noah and Sharna earned much better scores from the judges, all 10s, for 40 points. That, combined with the 32 from their first dance, gave them a total of 72 points tonight.

Next, Riker and Allison danced their Freestyle dance of the episode on Dancing With the Stars. They danced to the Fred Astaire song, I Won’t Dance, but it was to the Step Up 3D Remix of Astaire’s hit. The judges again gave them a perfect score of all 10s, for 40 points, bringing their combined total to 80 out of 80 points for the night.

Finally, Rumer Willis and Val did their Freestyle dance on Dancing With the Stars. They danced to the Britney Spears’ hit, Toxic. The judges and audience really enjoyed their performance, just as they had the previous two Freestyle dances, and gave Rumer and Val all 10s, as well, for a combined total of 80 out of 80 possible points. That still put them in a tie with Riker and Sharna at the end of the show.

The Finale Night episode of Dancing with the Stars tonight was filled with entertaining and amazing dances. The celebs remaining are almost equally matched, and any of them could walk away the winner on Tuesday night. Nick and Sharna received the lowest overall scores, of 72 points; but, the votes of their fans could help make up for that deficit. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to Dancing With the Stars to find out who is the winner of Season 20!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Dancing With the Stars on ABC

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