Eurovision 2015 Semi-Final #1: Who Will Advance Based on Rehearsals [Part 3] [Video]


May 19, 2015, is when the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will air. Rehearsals from last week have indicated that it is clear who will advance and who will unfortunately not make the cut, when it comes to the grand final on May 23.

Russia: Probably not. It is not that 28-year-old Polina Gagarina is not undeserving of a spot in the final; in fact, A Million Voices is an incredibly moving track about how people in the universe simply need to put their differences aside and work together as a union, because no one is really that different in the end anyway. However; the hate towards Russia for Putin’s politics and such, is greater than the notion that Eurovision should not even be about that whatsoever, and several individuals have already voiced their insistence of not voting for the nation regardless of how good of an entry they send.

Belarus: Yes. Uzari and Maimuna’s song Time has been a fan favorite from the start, and their rehearsals have shown nothing less than grand improvement for both of them. It is more than likely that this singer-violinist duo will make the finals, as they are very popular.

Hungary: No. Boggie’s track Wars for Nothing has not been reviewed very kindly by most, for most Eurovision fans find it to be depressing and not beneficial to what Eurovision is supposed to be about at all. Although the song’s cause has not been denied as being very noble and respectful, people feel as though the depression and negativity broadcast in the track brings down the show and does not provide the joy and entertainment that the song contest is supposed to.

Macedonia: Daniel Kajmakoski’s Autumn Leaves is, at this point, unfortunately caught between a yes and a no. Although the song has not gained much traction in terms of anyone really going overboard for it, it still seems to carry something of a weight in terms of people liking it and wanting it (and him, as a result) to move forward. This entry could go either way.

The Netherlands: Walk Along, sung by Trijntje Oosterhuis, is another entry that is both a swing and miss in terms of fans getting attached to it. The 42-year-old’s musical history has certainly gained her a dedicated following (the artist already has multiple studio versions under her belt prior to her stint in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest), but there are also many who find it bland and nothing special.

Serbia: No. Bojana Stamenov’s performance of Beauty Never Lies, a track about self-worth and shutting down stereotypes regarding how people should look and be is inspiring and moving, but the public simply has not fallen for her sound. It is nothing against the entertainer, but more that there are many artists in this year’s Eurovision installment and fans feel there is just not enough room for her to beat out other more worthy competitors.

Romania: Maybe, more on the no side. Voltaj are a successful band, for sure; in fact, in 2005 they won the Best Romanian Act at an MTV awards show. Their song has gained recognition regarding its dedication to helping the acknowledgement of children who are left by parents to work overseas, but there is still not that much support towards their entry. They might have a shot of sliding into the finals, but the reality is that they simply do not have that much of a following regarding this year’s ESC.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015’s first semi-final airs today, May 19. Nervous fans do not have long to anticipate who will get through, and who will be left behind.

Opinion by Chanel van der Woodsen


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