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Ramos Bros. Circus Comes to Town

By Rhonda Leon

Children, young and old, it’s time to prepare for your eyes to widen, your hearts to pound and your imaginations to be amazed:  The circus is coming to town!  And not just any circus:  The Ramos Bros. Circus will be in Las Vegas, from Feb 2 thru Feb 13, performing at the Boulevard Mall, 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy.  Their two hour show consists of
jugglers, clowns, horses, motorcycle dare devils, acrobats, dancers, and of course, the flying trapeze; twenty-three human performers and thirty-two of the furry kind:  two zebras, two camels, three llamas, four Arabian horses, 1 Belgian horse, two ponies,  one miniature pony and 17 poodles!

The Ramos family has been in the circus business since 1902.  Their story is a riveting one.   At one point, Albino Ramos, one of the seven sons of one of the founders, was imprisoned for captivating the heart of a young lady who was betrothed to a general.  Albino was imprisoned, but used his ability as a tightrope walker to escape the jail and return to the circus.  The brothers changed their name to the Rodogel Brothers for a few years to elude the general who was still on the hunt for Albino.  More, fun details of this story and of the circus itself can be found at their website: RamosCircus.com, where you will also find ticket prices and show times.

They most recently performed in November 2011 in Panorama City, CA.  Their twelve days here in Las Vegas will be kicking off their 2012 tour so come and be part of it.  Coupons for a free child admission with each paying adult can be obtained by visiting any participating store or most easily probably, by going to the food court there at The Boulevard Mall.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to make memories with you and your loved ones.  Have you ever been to a circus that you don’t REMEMBER?  Again, for daily show times (they vary) and prices– yes, there are discounts for Seniors; remember to visit their website:  RamosCircus.com

Look forward to see you there!