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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

By Jo Rooks 

I had a former co-worker who was a man I would describe as compact.  He was not very tall,  had a slim build and kept up his appearance  precisely. His trousers never had a wrinkle, his shirt was always tucked in, he always wore a belt, his hair was always in place, and he walked with a very precise step.  He even had a compact mustache and laugh. He was a very religious man with compact beliefs as well.  Every day when I saw him, he would make the statement, “Ah yes… another beautiful day in paradise!”  I generally had a variety of reactions to this statement.

If I was in a good mood, I replied, “Ah… Yes it is!”  If I was feeling sarcastic, I would reply, “Ya right.  Sure it is!” and if I was in a bad mood, his words just made me more angry and I’d go into a rampage of “If this is paradise, I would hate to see Hell!”

Today I was thinking about this.  What if this is paradise?  We often get taught that some mysterious place called Heaven is paradise; we have to live a good life and die to get there, making paradise a thing of the future, a place people only know by faith.  It’s like delivering a baby.  A woman goes through pregnancy, at first the most wondrous months of her life and then the weight comes, the feet swell, the back pain hits and she can’t sit in a chair without worrying about how to get out.  The end of the pregnancy gets so miserable she can’t wait to have the baby until it hits. Labor! On a birthing bed making every effort to push that baby into reality, doctors, nurses and lord knows who else gazing up the great passage of Life waiting for that baby. And then it all stops, the pain, the cramping, the pushing and she hears that “miracle” give a cry.  The journey was worth the reward.  Paradise!   We get taught that Life is the same way. We struggle through it. We try to make the right decisions with the thought of the great reward in mind. We beat ourselves up if we make a decision that others judge as a “one-way ticket to hell”.  We suffer because we were told that suffering is good. We are afraid to desire things or to believe that we deserve good things because we are taught the only way to paradise is through suffering.

But, what if this is paradise?  What if we could experience paradise daily through our manifestation of our reality?

Again I think of the little compact man and his statement.  I always questioned his motive.  Was he trying to be positive?  Was he being sarcastic? Was he trying to piss me off?  And then I wondered, “What difference did it make what his motive was?”  Shouldn’t I have been more concerned with my reaction to it?

I thought about how I reacted to the statement differently depending on my mood. I agreed with him if I was in a good mood because I was feeling great.  I was experiencing life from a positive perspective. I was manifesting my reality as a positive one and therefore, even if negative things happened to me throughout the day, I found positive ways to look at them.   I was manifesting my reality as paradise.

If I was in a sarcastic mood, I would sarcastically agree but leave a lot of question as to the quality of paradise.  At this level I questioned everything.  I  manifested a very sarcastic, questioning reality.  I would get questioned throughout the day and I would question everything right back. I would even question my questions!

When in a bad mood I was thinking that if this was paradise, I would hate to see Hell.  I visualized ways to squash this little compact man whose mission in life it was to make me angry.  I wondered how glorious he would feel about life if he were me.  At this point I was experiencing life from a very negative perspective.  Not being receptive to positive things, I manifested a very negative reality.  Negative things would happen to me throughout the day, as they do to all of us, yet even if something positive happened, I was sure to find the negative in it!  No one has fun at a pity party.

I am manifesting my reality every minute of every day.  I do not have to worry about others’ motives or actions. I only have to focus on how I react.  Am I coming from love or fear? One can only answer that question through one’s own experience.  We each get to decide how we want to manifest our own reality. I think I’ll manifest a reality that is another glorious day in paradise.