CCRP Central Committee Meeting

By Randy Rose

The bi-monthly meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee was held at the Silverton Tuesday night, to a very large turn-out not seen in years. The large crowd had expected to work on the 2012 Plank but that was put off until the 3rd Tuesday in May. There was a vote to elect members of the State Central Committee but there was controversy when many candidates realized they were not on the ballot. The president of the UNLV Young Republicans entered a motion to adjourn, based on his opinion that the vote should have been void.  The motion failed. After complaints were voiced, the ballots were sealed and will be publicly counted on Wednesday at 6pm. Candidates from the First, Third, and Fourth Congressional District spoke, including Charmaine Guss, who spoke with a southern accent when she said she was running against “Deeeena Tiiiitus”. Ms. Guss stated she is a Constitutional Conservative who supports the Fair Tax Act, and suggested that everyone should visit

and take a look at it.  She received a huge round of applause.  Danny Tarkanian spoke next and the crowd loved him also, as he also supports the Fair Tax Act.  Many people there felt relieved that candidates are finally reflecting our state constitution and the will of the people of Nevada that there be no Income Tax. Later, there was a motion to hold an open forum for complaints about the February caucus.  This motion failed in a voice vote and was promptly moved for a hand count. A friendly amendment to limit comments to thirty seconds was accepted by the original motion maker.  No vote was necessary for that.  The hand count was to approve the original motion with the amendment added, but was misunderstood by the members. Many members thought they were voting for the “thirty seconds” amendment but they were actually voting to approve the entire motion, so it did carry.  A point of order was directed at the Chair for a recount but it was denied. Once people discovered the Plank was not to be addressed and a complaint session had been added, they began to head for the doors (around 9:45pm). There were over 103 members present so there was a quorum. There were both good and bad comments made, and finally the meeting was over.  Next stop will be May 4th and 5th in Sparks, Nevada. After the meeting, Dr. Annette Teijeiro confided in me that she fears her campaign may not have the money needed to beat her Democrat opponent for State Senate. Dr. Teijiero also said that the Democrat is a woman-hater and who will likely try to paint her as crazy; but that for him to do so would be to his own detriment.

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