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Dr. Frye’s Prescription

By Dr. Steven Frye’s

The War on Drugs is not just a failure, it’s a monumental fiasco.

*The US has five % of the world’s population but uses 60 % of the world’s drugs.

The War on Drug kills people, not the drugs!

* In 70 years our drug war has killed 700,000 of our own citizens, more than all our other wars combined  and far more people than drugs kill. By killing 45,000 Mexicans in the last five years, we now export murder. 

The Drug War has squandered two trillion dollars in 70 years!

We are the prison capital of the world!

*With five % of the world’s population we now have 25 % of the prisoners; more prisoners than either China or India.

*Prison kills one-third of prisoners by age 45 and two-thirds are rearrested within three years, so we  rehabilitate and kill about the same number.

The propaganda: We wage this war to protect our children. The deadly facts:

*Kids in foster care have four times the death rate of those left with their parents.

*We have deprived millions of children and teenagers of their incarcerated parent(s).

*We have more than 25,000 teen gangs and our obscene teenage murder rate is nineteen times higher than in the Netherlands where drugs are legally available.

*We have more than 650,000 youth in the juvenile justice system and we have turned a million of our teens  into drug dealers and they have four times the death rate of prisoners on Texas’ death row. 

This War on Drugs is also racism at its worst:

*Whites commit the crime (87% of the drug users), while blacks do the time (74% go to prison). Our African-American incarceration rates are atrocious and ten times the white rate, even though whites do more drugs. Four thousand young blacks are murdered yearly in the U.S.!

*Our major cities have drug-war created ghettos, while there are no ghettos in the Netherlands.

Dr. Frye’s Prescription: Tax and control drugs as we do with alcohol and as three different countries have done with great success. When we get rid of the dealer, we get rid of the problem because drugs don’t sell themselves!