By Stephanie Kutner

As it stands today, Romney has racked up 568 delegates, Santorum 273, Gingrich 135 and Paul 50. I feel a bit like a broken record, but as a reminder, the person who will ultimately represent the GOP in the presidential race against Obama will need to clinch 1,144 delegates. Primaries still to come: The District of Columbia (19) , Maryland (37) and Wisconsin (42) on April 3rd, Connecticut (28), Delaware (17), New York (95), Pennsylvania (72), and Rhode Island (19) on April 24th, Indiana (46), North Carolina (55) and West Virginia (31) on May 8th, Nebraska (35) and Oregon (28) on May 15th, Arkansas (36) and Kentucky (45) on May 22nd, Texas (155) on May 29th, California (172), Montana (26), New Jersey (50), New Mexico (23) and South Dakota (28) on June 5th, and lastly, Utah (40) on June 26th. This leaves 1099 delegates; of which Romney would have to win 573, Santorum 880, Gingrich 1,007 and Paul 1,073.

Romney has recently received the backing of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former President George H.W. Bush and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee. The overall mood in the Republican house seems to be “Let’s all get behind one candidate already!” As I’ve watched this primary season run the GOP into the ground, I could almost feel pity for Republicans for being so hopelessly unable to unify to have even half a shot of beating Obama in November. Almost…and then I remember that the ideas they’ve backed would leave me without health care, certainly without any manner of women’s health treatments and most definitely without social security.

To check up on how the president is doing he currently has 1,403 pledged delegates and 603 super delegates, a grand total of 2,006. Most polls show Obama with a slight lead over a presumed GOP nomination winner Romney. Obama’s job approval ratings stand at 46% (with an 8.5% national unemployment rate.) Let’s factor in both the GOP’s severely lacking youth vote and approval among most female voters. The re-election looks very promising indeed.