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Guns and the Beauties

Tired of beautiful women constantly shooting you down? Then head over to just-opened Machine Guns Vegas, where the hot hostesses will show you how to kill something other than your confidence at their state-of-the-art shooting range, which feels like a military-inspired ultra lounge, what with its plush, flatscreen-loaded VIP area, and, uh… gun-toting women?
The brainchild of a Brit gal who moved to Vegas in ’98 after narrowly missing out on becoming a Spice Girl (Shooty Spice?), MGV’s comely cap-busters include lasses like Jeannie Duffy, an Irish-Korean model who spent 6yrs in the US Air Force, and Kinessa Tay, an Army-trained expert markswoman who claims “whoever said modeling was easy obviously has never stood on a mountainside with four-inch heels defying death”, narrowing down the possible number of people who think modeling is easy to literally everybody other than Kinessa Tay.
by Roy Denish