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Vegas Man Held in Murder-for-Hire Plot

By Collette Bender

A Las Vegas man is being held by police after attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife as a birthday gift to himself.

Jorge Victorino-Vazquez met several times with a “hitman” he believed would accept $2,000 as payment for murdering his wife, Marisela Sandoval, 27.  The 32-year-old man wanted the killing to look like a home invasion in which his wife was a casualty.  According to the arrest report, Mr. Victorino-Vazquez wanted to take out a contract on his wife because Ms. Sandoval was reportedly unfaithful, uncooperative with him, and frequently threatened to report him to authorities and have him deported.

Mr. Victorino-Vazquez met with an undercover officer after a confidential informant reported the plot to police, saying the suspect had asked on April 15 whether they knew anyone who would sell him a gun or kill his wife.  Though initially the informant kept silent, guilt led them to contact police, who then asked the person to set up a meeting between Mr. Victorino-Vazquez and an undercover officer.   Over the course of three meetings, the suspect gave the officer $2,000, a photo of his wife, and a diagram of his neighborhood and his home.  He reportedly instructed the officer to break in on Sunday night or Monday morning, assault him, murder Ms. Sandoval, and steal valuable belongings from the house.  Ms, Sandoval, who was never actually harmed, commented, “I just want peace in my life.”

The suspect was taken into custody Saturday evening.  While briefly alone in an interview room, Mr. Victorino-Vazquez, whose left hand was free, removed his belt and attempted to place it around his neck.  The attempt was interrupted by officers.

He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center on charges of burglary, conspiracy to commit murder, and solicitation to commit murder.  A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Wednesday.