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We’re All Celebrities Here

By Steve Campbell

Have something unique, rare or valuable and not sure what to do with it? Well you’ve probably driven by this place hundreds of times and never stopped in. Celebrity Estate Auctions is located at 4355 W. Tropicana Ave, kitty corner from the Orleans and next to the Deja Vu.  This place is so cool you have to stop by!  Started 20 years ago by Jim Boone, and now run by his Son-in law Cesar Bobadilla, age 40, this place is literally a museum stocked with hidden treasures, sports memorabilia, furniture, toys, war items, exotic art and vintage items from all over the world; and the best part:  It’s all on sale and for the right price!

Cesar loves animals and collecting.  You may have seen his bumper car on American Restoration on the History Channel, or maybe you’ve heard of his talented artist, Coral Rae, and her love for acrylic on wood panels. No matter why you go there, plan on spending quality time just walking around with your mouth wide open. Some of his best clients, like Phil Maloof, are eccentric collectors whom he calls friends; and clients aren’t the only people he takes good care of.  Most of the employees there have been with Celebrity Estate Auctions for fifteen to twenty years. There’s Ruben, who apparently is a miracle worker and a genius, and also Barbara and Anita, without whom the store might not be where it is today.

Cesar owns most of the items in his shop, but he does do consignment and will purchase some items on the spot, with his higher-end deals falling in the ¼ million dollar range.  He especially likes the $1500-3000 dollar range items; Cesar’s “sweet spot,” he calls it. Celebrity Estate Auctions has a pretty full pipeline too. With a possible Kirk Douglas “deal” they could have access to mostall of his movie props and attire from throughout his career; and then there’s the pilot episode currently called, “No Reserves,” where Cesar and Jim auction their sanity for the sake of the show…. a show that The History Channel, A&E and Lifetime cable network channels are looking to pick up. Brutally honest and fair, I think the show will be an instant success.

Family dynamics aside, Cesar and his staff are courteous and professional and most of all, knowledgeable and realistic. While most of his peers expanded a few years ago, his competition now has to sell basically the same stuff for three times the price Cesar does. This allows him to set his prices well below his competitors. “We’re a small family- run business; I just don’t have the overhead my competitors do.” Celebrity Estate Auctions can do business in any state and often buy and sell from outside the Las Vegas area; so don’t expect just the local flavor here folks. I for one, loved the store and the stories behind the items themselves. So the next time you drive by, stop in! I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Sold! To the fantastic person reading this article!