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10-year-old girl gives birth to daughter in Colombia

By Amanda Shore

A 10-Year-Old girl in Colombia gave birth to a five pound baby daughter by cesarean section in April. She is reported to have arrived at the hospital in tears, bleeding and in immense pain, which is to be expected of someone so young. Delivering by cesarean section was the only option for the young girl since her pelvis had not finished developing.

The girl, who is unnamed, is a member of the Wayuu tribe in northern Colombia, and the father is unknown. The director of the hospital where the young girl gave birth said that there have been several young Wayuu girls who have been pregnant. Girls in the area have been starting puberty as young as 13, but that number is dropping.

This isn’t the only place where pregnancies at such a young age are happening though. There have been reports of pregnancies as young as nine years old in Mexico, 10 in Spain and there was one little girl that gave birth at 10 in Idaho. The youngest mother ever recorded was five-year-old Lina Medina, who gave birth in 1939. Medina had begun menstruating at the age of 8 months.

Speculation as to why this phenomena is becoming more commonplace includes environmental causes such as increased hormones in food. These stories also beg the question of why these children are having sex at such a young age.