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2012 NBA Draft means nothing: Anthony Davis Thomas Robinson remember Len Bias

Anthony Davis, 6’10”, 220 lbs, Thomas Robinson, 6’10”, 237 lbs, Len Bias, 6’8”, 210 lbs.

By Tadashi

The big hype in the NBA Draft this year is, “Who will take Thomas Robinson, second?”  (18 pts, 17 rbs in the 2011 NCAA finals against the Big Three of Kentucky.) Is that really hype?

After all, in 2005, two teams passed up Chris Paul.   Also, in 2003, 4 teams passed up Dwayne Wade!

The real story should be the soul of this man, Thomas Robinson. Twenty six years ago, in June 1986, another number two draft pick, Len Bias, was being touted as the next “Prince of Air” Jordan.

Leonard Kevin Bias was selected by the Boston Celtics as the Number Two overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft. Len, having grown up “dirt poor,” could now have anything he ever dreamed of. He could afford to fulfill absolutely any desire he might have. Two days later, Leonard Kevin Bias was found dead due to an overdose of cocaine. Let’s hope this year’s Number Two will be able to endure the adulation better than Bias. We should also hope that Thomas had  loving parents to teach their son to  see at least fifteen years from the present. If this life lesson was learned, than Thomas Robinson will make the right choices when he is in a state of “the euphoria of the moment.” These informed choices will allow Robinson to live to the 15th anniversary of his “Wanting Nothing Re-birth” today.

Kevin Leonard Bias would have been only 49 years old in this Year of Our Lord, 2012.

Finally, blame the hype on ESPN directors, who get huge bonuses if they can fill the 24/7 sports cycles of more than 10 national and regional all-sports channels. Then they are skilled in “Hype” so advertisers will pay for the huge bonuses. Shall we be led, and then sheared, like sheep?