American self-defense instructor hires a law firm to review his British exclusion

A Former British Parliamentarian and a human rights campaigner Lembit Opik has voiced displeasure over the decision made by British Home Secretary Teresa Mary May to exclude Tim Larkin as baseless.

Contributed By Roy Denish

Former United States Navy Seal instructor Tim Larkin, regarded as a “subversive element” in the eyes of the British Home Office Secretary Teresa Mary May, has retained a law firm to request the British government to perform a judicial review to determine as to why he was excluded from the British soil.

Larkin sustained serious injuries to his right side of his body during a training exercise with the Navy seals and was later transferred to the intelligence wing. He later became a hand-to-hand combat specialist that drove him to go into a business as a self-protection expert.

Larkin, who had been visiting the United Kingdom since 1986, was given a letter by the British border agency when he was to embark on a flight from his home in Las Vegas early this month to attend a series of seminars and deliver a key note address to a an estimated crowd of 10,000 British fans in Birmingham. “This was not a collective effort by the British government; this was a unilateral decision by the secretary for reasons only known to her,” a source closely monitoring the situation told from his home in London.

A veteran in the self-defense techniques, Larkin said he believed that a British tabloid would have misinterpreted his visit to UK just after the London riots. One tabloid called his private visit as “riot tour,” which he believes attributed to the decision by the Home Office Secretary. “I have not been involved in any activity that would compromise the British law”, Larkin told a radio station. “I believe this notion would be repealed; there is no reason why I should be banned. I have been visiting [the] UK since 1986 as a student, a military officer, and I have worked with numerous British Law enforcement agencies as a contractor and even trained European Union civilians,” Larkin told Ross Hemesworth of the Hammer show.

The host Hemsworth endorsed his sentiments by stating that there was a strong opposition by many against British media for “trying somebody” even before a case had gone into legal proceedings. Larkin did not name the law firm that had been hired to look after his interests. Larkin is the co-founder of the Target Focus Training in Las Vegas.