Browser wars looming large while Google Chrome gains popularity

By Roy Denish

Google Chrome punched holes through the corridors of the Internet Explorer to become most used browser in the world.

Chrome ended last week with a 32 percent of the universal browser market share followed by the explorer at 31 percent. Nevertheless, in the United States, Internet Explorer is still popular with 38 percent trailed by Chrome at 23 percent. Google Chrome rose in ranking globally due to the introduction of Chrome 19, a version with added tabs to synch.

The gain by Google Chrome is attributed to an increase number of business users. In December 2011, Chrome out-smarted Firefox and just two weeks later gained on Internet Explorer.

The market experts said there is a war looming between the three browser giants: Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The competition is fought fiercely to gain the upper hand in the world market. In the latest “browser wars” last week, Google Chrome and Firefox accused Internet Explorer for unfair browser competition. Federal agencies are investigating the accusations.

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