Cricket, second to football in popularity, to be given special coverage by the Guardian

By Roy Denish

The Guardian Express, a prominent newspaper in southwest region of the United States, announced today that it would give wide coverage to cricket, a sport very popular in Australia, Asia and Europe that has an estimated television audience of 200 to 250 million a year.

Cricket is the second acclaimed game of the most popular ten sports in the world. The number one position is held by football.

The Ten Most Popular Sports, according to
1. Football
2. Cricket
3. Tennis
4. Baseball
5. Basketball
6. Table Tennis
7. Hockey
8. Volleyball
9. Rugby
10. Golf

The annual Cricket World Cup attracts roughly 147 million viewers, while the Super Bowl only attracts about 80 to 90 million viewers a year.

In terms of sports with the most fans, Cricket is number two thanks largely due to its popularity in India. It is also popular in Asia, Australia and England but is slowly expanding its reach to other countries. Cricket has several different variations to play, like test matches, which last for 5 days, and the more recent Twenty20 format that has a duration of about two and a half hours. The latest introduction of the Twenty20 game has resulted in many more countries participating in the sport at an international level.

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