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Christian Keyes in “Dysfunctional Friends”

By Kelly J Newson

Christian Keyes has been acting for twelve years now and has starred in productions such as Tyler Perry’s stage play, “Madea goes to jail,” “What’s done in the dark,” BET’s “Let’s Stay Together,” and recently starred in the movie, “Dysfunctional Friends,” along with co-stars Wesley Jonathan, Stacey Dash and Reagan Gomez-Preston.  This past week I caught up with Mr. Keyes, talking about his latest project and what we can expect from him in the future.

KJN: What was it like working with such a talented cast in “Dysfunctional Friends?”

Keyes: Great experience. Great working with everyone. We all still keep in contact.

KJN: Now on-screen, there was lots of comedy amongst the characters. Any comedians when the cameras were off?

Keyes: Lots of fun behind the camera. Plenty of jokes to go around. That’s how the ‘Baby Oil’ song came about, I made it up as a joke and later Corey said we had to have in the movie.

KJN: Working on “Dysfunctional Friends,” was there anyone in the cast that you had already worked with before?

Keyes: Yes. We all run in the same circle. I hadn’t worked with Stacey Dash. She was cool.

KJN: “Dysfunctional Friends” is about a group of friends from college coming together after six years and the passing of one of them. Has this movie encouraged you to want to get in touch with some of your old friends?

Keyes: Yes, I miss being with my friends from college and friends I grew up with but work keeps me busy.

KJN: In “Dysfunctional Friends,” you play the character “Styles.” What attracted you to the character?

Keyes: Was skeptical about the role. I originally auditioned for the other five male roles but was convinced to play Styles. Which was one of two fun roles I’ve played in twelve years of acting.

KJN: Are there any similarities to you and your character, Styles? How are you not like your character?

Keyes: We’re night and day. I’m a regular guy in real life. None of the dried seaweed, and face mask but playing Styles showed me that I could do comedy.

KJN: The dinner table scene was quite intense. How was it, filming that particular scene? Did it take a lot of takes?

Keyes: It took about three or four. Went very well. Everyone brought it. Total professionalism among everyone.

KJN: How was it working with Corey Grant? Any talks of a sequel?

Keyes: Great experience working with Corey and we will work together again. I have some other projects that I’d like to collaborate with Corey on. As for now, no sequel planned, but would love too. Yes, I’ll be up for a sequel. Would be dope!

KJN: What’s next for you?

Keyes: I’ll be on BET’s, “Let’s Stay Together,” season two finale and I recently wrote and will be starring in “Note to Self,” which will be released this summer.

KJN: How can are readers stay updated on all things Christian Keyes?

Keyes: They can follow me on Twitter. Its @ChristianKeyes

“Dysfunctional Friends” is now available on DVD. Grab a copy today!

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