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Dennis Rodman sentenced to community service

Ordered to perform community serviceJudge Orders Hall Of Famer to pay back child support

Dock Walls, @dockwalls

May 29, 2012

The eccentric, and famously flamboyant Dennis Rodman was sentenced in a Orange County, California courtroom for failure to pay back child support. Rodman was ordered to pay his ex-wife, Michelle Rodman $80,000.00 and to remain current with his $4,500.00 per month, child support obligation.

The judge ordered Rodman, now 51 years of age, to perform 104 hours of Community Service. Exactly what that community service will consist of has not yet been determined. The punishment could range from picking up garbage along the Highway to Spending time with at-risk youth.

Rodman was a member of the Detroit Pistons when they were known as the “Bad Boys.” Affectionately called “The Worm”, Rodman earned three championship rings as member of the Chicago Bulls. As infamous for his off the court antics as he was for his rebounding, Dennis was regularly in the spotlight. After marrying himself, Rodman married and divorced Carmen Electra. While living in California he had many well publicized skirmishes with the police.