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Don’t Double My Rate

By Kelly J Newson

Student loan debt is on the rise and on the minds of many college students. A student’s focus should be on school, but not all students have that luxury. Many have to work full-time jobs along with taking out student loans. The GOP shows no sympathy. They would rather keep the taxes of the wealthiest one percent of the population low and double the rate of the nation’s students, most of whom come from middle class and poor families. Just recently, they have managed to filibuster a bill that would have kept their student loan rate low. This bill will prevent 26,000 Nevada students’ student loan rates from doubling July 1. Senator Reid (D-NV) is asking Nevada students to tell him how doubling their rate will affect them. Nevada students, it’s time to stand up! Tell Senator Reid and the rest of the Senate and Congress, “Don’t double my rate!”