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Will Smith and the Kissing Reporter

By Rhonda Leon

Friday in Moscow, while cheerfully greeting reporters as he walked down the red carpet to the screening of Men in Black III, Will Smith was disgusted when a male Ukrainian reporter tried to kiss him on the mouth. Will reacted by pushing the reporter away, asking him, “What the hell is your problem, buddy?” and in a playful but still somewhat serious manner smacked the reporter on the left cheek before continuing on down the carpet. The reporter was unphazed and actually appeared to enjoy the attention, grinning from ear to ear afterward, whereas Will went on to say, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker-punch him.”

Reports that Will grew enraged and attacked the reporter are completely unfounded. The “backhand slap” was more of an afterthought than reaction. It seemed meant to show that Smith had it in him to defend his dignity but, at the same time, showed that Smith meant no physical harm to the reporter, who received no physical harm.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows Will Smith being the same funny, lovable guy offscreen that he is on. In the video, Will is forgiving, he apologizes and he keeps it light-hearted. A man has a right to defend his manhood and his reputation. The incident was completely in keeping with the Will Smith we all know and love!