Gay Marriage: An Insider’s Look

By Kyra Hall

I’m a young Christian girl who has found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We have the same interests, the same goals, and the same sense of humor. When we’re together, my heart is full with the knowing that this is the person that God put on the Earth just for me.

There’s just one problem: we cannot get married. It is not our parents standing in our way. It’s not about money. It is not legal for us to be married because we are both women. There are places that allow it, but my family is all in Las Vegas. I do not want to move to New York just so my girlfriend can become my wife. I do not want to suffer discrimination in the work place and be denied the same rights as every other married person because of who I love. When I hear people cry out about the sanctity of marriage, I feel a deep pain in my heart. If I were married, it would be sacred. I would swear to every vow and be with my beloved in sickness and in health until death parts us.

How many straight couples think that way? If the divorce rate is any evidence, the answer is not many. I hear that it is wrong for a couple to live together out of wedlock, but what else can I do? No matter how much we love and are committed to one another, the law prevents us from forming the supposedly sacred contract of marriage. In my heart, I know that I am with the right person. I just wish that the law agreed.

I have always believed in marriage as a spiritual sacrament. There are those who would conduct a ceremony to ask God to make my partner my wife in a religious sense. Whether the law calls it marriage or not is unimportant to me. I want the same rights as a married couple. If I am injured in the hospital, I want my girlfriend to be able to see me. I want her to be the recipient of my life insurance and the mother of the children we will raise together. This is what I want the law to recognize.

Whether or not they call it marriage is of little consequence to me. If the government wants to keep clinging to a religious definition of the word against their proclaimed separation of church and state, so be it. In the end, what matters to me is that I can have a family with the person I have chosen. Call it marriage, call it a civil union, call it whatever. Just let us have the same rights as everyone else.

3 Responses to "Gay Marriage: An Insider’s Look"

  1. Krishna   June 8, 2012 at 12:44 am

    I thought American law is fair to all including sexual orientation, sad to know it is not the case.

  2. MotherDragon   May 19, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    If gays were the bane of society that everyone feared so much, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? I know far more unfaithful and divorced couples who are or were in traditional marriages than those I know in commited gay or lesbian relationships! How sad that a young woman who sounds otherwise grounded and dedicated to doing the right thing simply CANNOT. Sixty years ago, if her beloved were of another race, she would have faced the same problem…a thing we all now agree was barbaric racism! God knows our hearts and loves us anyway. I think he loves honest, faithful gays and worries LESS ABOUT them than he does cheating, hypocritical oathbreakers within “traditional” Christian-based marriages! I encourge the writer to not give up! Love your beloved and be faithful in all things. The law will catch up eventually! BTW~ I am a middle age, married conservative Christian mother and these are my true thoughts

  3. Zen   May 17, 2012 at 1:33 am

    My Christian mentor, the most devoted, and Crist-like man I have ever known, a man who devoted his life to the church as a priest, asked me a question once: “If homosexuality is so horrible, why is it that Jesus made not one single reference to it in the Bible?” Think about it. Jesus spoke a LOT about things that are abhorrent to our Lord, and never once made reference to homosexuality. In the Old Testament, there are many references to sins and laws, most of which are not followed or even considered by Christains today. It is the red letters – the words and examples of Jesus Christ himself – that are supposed to guide the lives of Christians, yet so many of us consider homosexuality to be the Sin of sins.

    That said,  to let people who are gay or lesbian have the same rights as heterosexuals is the only civilized and fair thing to do, and I strongly agree with the author. Call it something else where the law is concerned if it makes you feel better. Those of us who are friends and family of homosexuals will use the word marriage – or not – as we desire.

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