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Glasses Sold Out at the eve of Solar Eclipse

Los Angeles, California: Many sun-gazers are left high and dry in Los Angeles as the special glasses to view the solar eclipse at the Griffith Observatory are sold-out.

The observatory ran out of stock by late Friday, and the 2500 pairs of the glasses went off the shelves at $2.99, leaving many sun-gazers to wandering around looking for establishments that sold the special glasses.

NASA warned the gazers to wear protective glasses to watch the eclipse today. The show will be visible in California and in some parts of the Southwest.

The eclipse begins at 5.24pm PST and will reach its maximum shadow at 6.38pm. The Griffith observatory also warned travelers to be aware of the traffic snarl. On its website, it said, “expect heavy traffic and parking congestion.” It also warned the gazers not to look directly into the sun without any proper protective glasses.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has also set up an interactive Google map to show the times of the rare solar eclipse on Sunday, May 20. The eclipse will be visible in California and in other parts of the Southwest.

“On Sunday, the moon will pass in front of the sun, transforming sunbeams across the pacific side of Earth into fat crescents and thin rings of light,” NASA reported.

Although during the day, sunlight will not seem much different than usual as some of the sun is always exposed during the eclipse, the event will reveal itself in the shadows. Changes can be seen on the ground beneath leafy trees for crescent-shaped sunbeams and rings of light.