Movie Review: “Battleship” is sinking, Avengers stays at number one..

By Roy Denish

The Avengers bulldozed their way into the top of the box office by sinking the “Battleship.”

The Disney sensation Avengers has pocketed an estimated $1.1 billion nationally and internationally to remain at the number one spot for the third consecutive week. In comparison, Battleship sunk to the number two slot with a revenue of $25.4 million, which analysts termed as “low.” But the movie in which Rihanna makes her debut earned
a handsome $227 million globally. Rhinna’s gun instructor Jackie Carrisoza of the Las Vegas luxury gun range, The Machine Gun Vegas, became a media darling soon before the movie Battleship was screened.

Comedian Sacha Cohen’s “masterpiece” the Dictator remained at the third spot, but the coming weeks would be crucial for the movie with Battleship and Avengers gearing for a major battle.

The Battleship will also decide the fate of Rihanna’s acting career.

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