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Growing Pains at GOP Nevada Convention

By Randy Rose

Before we delve into the Convention, I want to update you on a previous story. You recall the story about the fake birth certificate Obama released, The United States Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi did subpoena the State of Hawaii to produce birth documents to the court and demanded Loretta Fuddy to appear in court on June 14. Sheriff Joe is also questioning the Draft Card registration after finding errors.

The Nevada Convention was all about hurry up and wait. Ron Paul delegates were concerned that Romney was trying to pull a fast one and sneak in 419 bogus delegates. The whole thing was due to a clerical mistake. The Ron Paul delegates were in the majority as Liberty reins in Sparks Nevada. The Nevada GOP has gone so far left, it looks right and still sees left, and when it looks so far right to see Constitutional Conservatives, it sees radicals. The Constitution is reborn and the liberty train is running, even in Maine where Ron Paul got the majority there too. The California Primary on June 12 is important this year if they vote for Ron Paul. That coupled with a few more wins will keep enough delegates away from Romney to create a brokered convention in Tampa. Since most of the Ron Paul delegates are bound to vote for Romney at the convention next August, we need Romney to fall short in the first vote. That means the second vote will allow delegates to vote their personal preference. That should open the door to a Ron Paul Nomination that will shock the Progressive media.

The Progressive Republicans for Romney made certain that Platform Committee Chairmen were in place and succeeded 100 percent. Each would then come to the GOP Nevada Convention with one additional appointee to sit on the State Platform Committee. They all chose Progressive Romney supporters, except one from Clark County became ill and could not attend. That gave me the chance to replace him, and that is why I was the only Ron Paul delegate on the Committee and I felt like a red-headed stepchild. The Progressive Chairman would not consider any of my suggestions and when I tried to include repeal of the 16th Amendment, he felt outrage. He did not entertain debate or even a statement; instead, he shouted, “Does anybody here want to abolish the IRS? That suggestion is defeated!” I tried to explain that they should give the Ron Paul delegates at least one line; they said no. I then tried to explain the Fair Tax Act HR 25 that Charmaine Guss (CD1) pleadged to co-sponsor, along with Kenneth Wegner(CD4), but they even denied that. Strange that our Nevada Constitution and the people oppose income tax, but our elected officials are pro-income tax. That is in direct contrast to the will of the people.

The vote to send delegates to Tampa began around 8 p.m. and took two hours to complete, and Ron Paul delegates won by a landslide. Diana Orrock from Las Vegas is the new National GOP Committe Woman and James Smack is the new Committe Man. Twenty-five delegates will travel to Tampa including 22 Ron Paul delegates. Ron Paul can be the GOP nominee only if Romney falls short of the 1143 he needs to clinch. This is why Ron Paul is spending a lot of time in California. The people of California can either make an impact or be a rubber stamp, I hope they make an impact and vote for Ron Paul.

I know a lot of Democrats and Nonpartison voters who will vote for Ron Paul if he runs as the Republican nominee on the November ballot which leads me to believe that Ron Paul will win in a landslide against Obama. Call your friends in CA and ask them to vote for Ron Paul, when they tell you he has no chance then tell them to stop listing to the Progressive Media that is pushing for Romney because they know he cannot beat Obama. Remember this, A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Obama.