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Appreciating What We Have

By Phyllis Dolinsky

From the time we are born, it becomes evident that we are different. Personalities, looks intelligence, physical abilities, status — the list goes on and on.

Add to this that as we get older and become aware of what those around us have, we begin to form a mindset about what we want. The rich child with everything imaginable may envy a less monetarily fortunate friend who goes home to a single mother who really listens to him. His friend may be looking at him and feeling, “I wish I had a TV in my room and didn’t have to do so many chores.”

The above scenarios are important only in that they are examples of feelings everyone has at one time or another. The really important issue is to look at what we already have that is valuable, not at what we don’t have. Do we have one meal a day or three? Do we have adequate living space? Do we have supportive family and friends? Do you have a job? Can you go to school?

Your job keeps you so busy, you barely have time for yourself. Your car doesn’t look so good.

Take a moment to think about it. Are you thankful for what you have? To be aware of this is one of the most important things in your life. To appreciate your family, your friends, a place to sleep, a job, enough food on your table, Maybe you just get by, but are you grateful for what you do have?

Putting what you wish for in perspective is what is valuable, not just having more.