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Man says he killed Etan Patz

First missing child to appear on milk cartons

Cold Case Could Be Solved

By Dock Walls, @dockwalls

May 24, 2012

Pedro Hernandez told New York police that he killed Etan Patz, a child who was 6 years old at the time of his 1979 disappearance. Eaten Patz, the first child to have his picture plastered on milk cartons, is presumed dead. The Manhattan man claims to he abducted Etan, who was on his way to school, strangled him to death, wrapped his body in a bag and put it in a box. Pedro says he left the box in Manhattan and when he returned a few days later, the box was gone.

Hernandez worked at a Bodega not far from where Etan was abducted. He later moved to Camden, New Jersey to be close to relatives. Authorities believe he may have previously confessed his involvement in the crime to those relatives. Police say his confession was very emotionally charged.

The grief-stricken parents of Etan Patz never moved and kept the same phone number just in case he attempted to return home or contact them by phone.