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Marijuana drug war kills thousands more than drugs

By Stephen Frye

The drug war kills thousands more people than drugs ever kill. Our 25,000 gangs now kill more than 10,000 Americans yearly, and our drug war also causes about 10,000 Mexican murders yearly. Thousands more drug war deaths occur in prison where one third of prisoners are dead by age 45. Marijuana is the safest recreational, over-the-counter or prescription drug in history. You absolutely cannot die from it, but gangs, prison, the DEA or cops can kill you as they did a guy in Las Vegas last year.

Our teenage murder rate is 19 times higher than in the Netherlands where drugs have been taxed and controlled for 37 years. Nineteen times more drug war deaths and many are just teernagers! These are predominantly minority murders or this horrendous war would have been over decades ago.

Our drug overdose rate is 20 to 40 times higher than the Netherlands depending on which American city is compared. The reason for this is that in Holland they are buying drugs that are pure, sterile, and in known milligrams, not bathtub street drugs. In addition, if someone does crash, they are not afraid to call 911 as they know they will not be arrested for being around drugs. Result? Still more unnecessary American deaths.

Al Qaeda and the Taliban now control the drug trade in Afghanistan, so we are now funding the terrorists and all the murders they cause. On 9/11, their budget was $31 million and now it’s $500 million yearly, thanks to our drug war.

The highest illicit drug use rates in the world all these murders and deaths cost us $100 billion annually! This could easily be saved by ending the drug war. Then we could tax and control drugs, generate billions more in tax revenue annually and create tens of thousands of U.S. jobs instead of funding the cartels and terrorists.

As more than half of all drug arrests and convictions are for simple marijuana possession; our drug war is really just a war on marijuana.

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