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U2 Frontman Bono Promotes Helping Africans Achieve Food Security

By Amanda Shore

Earlier today, May 18, 2012, U2’s Bono had an interview where he talked about the need of African people, namely the children, who are starving. He stated that African people “don’t want aid as an ongoing basis. They need it now to help them get to a place of independence.”

When asked about widespread corruption and what to do about it, he replied, “Corruption is killing more kids than any of the killer diseases…if you look at food as a resource that comes out of the ground the same way [that] you look at oil or gas, the great mineral wealth of the continent of Africa, what can you do to make sure that the wealth that’s in the ground, under the feet of the people that live there, gets into the hands of the people that live there?”

He answered his own question, saying that the people of Africa should know what other companies are paying to mine, drill and explore for gas or oil. Bono says that the African people want to know what is happening to their continent and where their resources are going. If they know what’s happening, they won’t be as dependent. “People want information about the big decisions that affect their lives.”

The African people also won’t be dependent if they can achieve food security. By having this, they can grow their own food and be self-sustainable. Bono is trying to make this dream a reality and praised President Obama when he announced a new alliance to promote agricultural growth in Africa. Bono said, “If the words of his speech are turned into bold action in partnership with the developing world and the private sector, then today was a real moment.”

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