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What to Expect When You’re Expecting movie review

By Albert Angulo

Once again, it is a pleasure to be able to bring you my weekly movie review. This time, I am particularly happy because I actually liked the movie and don’t feel like I was completely ripped off by Hollywood. But I have to be honest. I felt for a second I was not going to be able to relate to this movie since I don’t have children, but I was completely wrong! We can all relate to this movie. The audience laughed and cried during the show! No, it’s not supposed to be “deep,” although it has some very emotional scenes, but it’s exactly what it’s advertised to be. You follow different paths of expectant parents and learn of their triumphs and downfalls and parental doubt.

All of you who are parents can see yourselves in this movie. The first months of pregnancy and onward — you’ve been there. And those of you who are not parents? Well, I think you’ll enjoy it too. I did. So here we go: The movie is based on the best-selling pregnancy advice book in the world: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and follows the lives of several men and women who are newly pregnant, or in the case of Jennifer Lopez’s baby photographer, are planning to adopt a child; and it follows them on their nine-month journeys.

The women include a reality TV star (Cameron Diaz) who is dating her dance partner (Glee’s Matthew Morrison) from “Celebrity Dance Factor.” But even though the movie is full of big name celebrities from all entertainment fields, the character I enjoyed the most was basically one of the least recognized celebrities from the movie “Elizabeth Banks,” who is the owner of a maternity store and the author of a children’s picture book about breasts and who is eager to embrace “the glow” of pregnancy but encounters mostly discomfort and indignity and ended up having a break down in the middle of a book-signing conference. A hilarious scene! Her husband, played by Ben Falcone, well-known for his participation in “Bridesmaids,” brings a total plus to the already many great moments of this movie. So what to expect from this movie? Morning sickness from laughing too hard! Thanks and see you next week.