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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel getting married not so fast

By DiMarkco Chandler

It’s Hollywood as usual. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were spotted out again this month as a couple and yet no mention of an engagement nor wedding. However, implicit by their actions and behavior is the appearance that not only are these two very much in love, they are planning to embrace the traditional elements known to consummate their mutual affection. In other words, it appears that a wedding may just be around the corner for these two; and why not?  They have been dating for five years!

That is perhaps why some are saying that this week’s cocktail party, where the two were seen, at the home of Biel’s Stylist, Estee Stanley, may have been their engagement party. After all, reports are that they decided to get engaged in early December 2011.
CNN reports that one hundred guests, including Amy Adams, Timbaland, Ellen Degeneres, JC Chasez and Lance Base were in attendance. Biel’s mom and dad were also present.

Celebrity weekly observed, “Justin and Jessica arrived at the party looking very excited. Jessica was stunning in a long dress with her hair down. Estee created a very warm, welcoming and festive party for the couple.”

Us Weekly reports that “Jessica and Justin were mingling both separately and together throughout the party.” “Jessica seems to be very close with Justin’s friends and vice versa. You can see that they have been dating for a long time and really know each other’s friends and family well. The party was a fun celebration and a preview of what’s to come with the wedding.”

With all of these reports, my question is why has no one provided proof that there is going to be a wedding or why haven’t at least one of them confirmed the engagements? All we get are these reports.

Last week, I wrote how Hollywood has this sort of reticent approach when it comes to hiring or firing producers, and my point here is that it’s business as usual. You see, it’s safe if you don’t write things down; it’s safe if you don’t put commitments out for public view or scrutiny. That way you can change your mind.

Well you can believe that a marriage is right around the corner for these two, and I wish them the best; but beware, be very aware that things in Hollywood are not always how they look or seem to be.

What are your thoughts?

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