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All Hail Heisenberg: The new season of Breaking Bad

By Ron Peltier

The new and sadly final season of AMC’s critically acclaimed Breaking Bad begins on July 15 at 10/9c. The hiatus has been too long for fans of the series, and any hint of what’s coming intrigues its fans. To assuage them and to generate interest, the show’s producers released the season 5 poster, six photos and a short video clip from the season premier. The first episode takes its name “Live Free or Die” from New Hampshire’s state motto.

The poster reveals the most as it confidently states “All Hail The King.” This reveals Walter White’s, or should I say Heisenberg’s, raise to, well, that is the question. After dispatching last season’s meth kingpin, Gus Fring, it seems very likely that Walter becomes the new kingpin. The poster’s background shows tubs of a particular blue substance (Walter’s top-grade, meth no doubt) and stacks of cash. He is sitting inside a dilapidated warehouse, wearing his yellow hazmat suit and scowling at the camera.

The short, 15-second clip from the premiere also suggests Walter’s raise to supremacy. In it, he is sitting in Saul Goodman’s office (Saul is the best TV lawyer in history). Saul expresses his concern to Walter, “You and me, we’re done.” Walter then replies, “We’re done when I say we’re done.”

The still photos show the one character who can challenge Walter—Mike. Fring’s erstwhile “cleaner” and all-around badass is pointing a gun at someone. Walter? Jesse? Both? Another photo shows Mike in the background as Jesse and Walter talk to a junkyard owner. Does Mike join with Walter? That seems to be the suggestion.

For those who have heard about the show but have not caught up with it, don’t wait. You can stream it on Netflix, Amazon or your local carrier. As someone who did not follow the show when it first debuted but instead watched the first three seasons via video (honestly, that is the best way to watch a good TV series), I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Each time I have convinced someone to watch the show, he/she has offered high praise and became a fan. It is one of the best shows on TV. What other show takes its protagonist and makes him the antagonist as it concludes? Walter is TV’s best anti-hero, and watching how things wrap up should be a whole lot of fun.

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