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Boom Boom: Las Vegas’ gun ranges draws record number of enthusiasts

By Roy Denish

Las Vegas, sin city, known for its adult entertainment industry adopts another name: the “boom-boom” city for its newest addition, the gun ranges. The popularity of the shooting ranges has doubled within the last few years. Machine Gun Vegas is the new comer, but it has become a popular place for its full auto gun lounge, especially with the tourists from the United Kingdom and Australia.

She is notorious and calls herself “a gem in the wilderness.” She might have patrons shooting down mega bucks for her bunny dolls, and she is the Madame of ill-fame. But in a jiffy, she may have to think of another line of business as trigger-happy customers are being drawn to a new fascination: Schutzenvereins-gun ranges.
The popularity of the new phenomenon is evident when you drive along the I-15; the interstate connecting Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the freeway is adorned with advertisements for strip shows, Chippendales, and now for fire arms experience. A few years back, the guns were collecting dust without patrons, but the fascination has leapfrogged as a sequel to various elements. There is little evidence to verbalize or to prove that the video games are the reason behind the shooting ranges. The introduction of the shooting ranges goes deep into medieval times as far as 1861. In US, the first range was introduced in 1872 in New Jersey and became the first site to hold National events. However, many believe video games such as Missing in Action, Call of Duty and Battle of Vietnam may have encouraged many to try out vintage and modern weapons at the gun ranges-as part of a thrill.
Las Vegas has been a mystical city since Phil Tobin, a rancher who authored a bill to legalize gambling in Nevada. In Vegas, the craziest ideas are set in motion. A tourist could tie a quick nuptial knot, have dinner in the sky, swim with sharks or take a skinny dip in a man-made sea.
 In the city that never sleeps, the writing was on the wall that someone would make the ranges into a mega business. In the tail end of 2011 came the country’s first luxury lounge the Machine Gun Vegas with Mob, Femme Fatale, Seal Team and World War Packages opened for public.
“There are only a handful of gun ranges in Las Vegas and the competition among them is fierce and they have trained their guns at each other to win clients’ says a tourist guide. The Gun Store offers shot gun weddings, full auto by Machine Gun Vegas, the Las Vegas Gun range and Firearm Center offers Concealed Weapon Class and so forth.
“I like coming to Vegas, because I can hold a gun legally and shoot without looking over my shoulder for law-enforcement officers,” wrote a man on a review site. “It’s the environment these ranges provide, beautiful hostesses, qualified military instructors, free transportation  are some of the incentives thrown by these ranges to attract patrons, unlike the other states in US.”
For a fact, the Machine Gun Vegas employs former US Navy Seals weapon experts as instructors. The range Fully Auto also says on its website “MGV provides a Uniquely LV firearms experience. An experience we like to call on Full Auto.” “The lounge has combined the look and feel of an ultra lounge with the functionality of a state of the art indoor gun range.” One of the hostesses, Jackie Carrisoza, shot into the limelight when she was hired as an instructor for Singer-Actor Rihanna in the movie Battleship.
The Gun Store under its shot gun wedding package has employed two ordained ministers to legally wed couples as a part of services. It also provides free gift bags, five shots on a shot gun and a photo opportunity.
American Shooters, a veteran-operated business, says it believes in serving those who serve America and strives to do business with utmost honor and integrity.
The introduction of the gun ranges becomes the fourth main attraction in Vegas among the tourists. British and Australian tourists love to get a handle of the guns in Vegas, says the tourist guide. The main reason is attributed to stricter rules and regulations in both countries.
According to unofficial statistics, the gun attraction has doubled within the last few years.  The Machine Gun Vegas, “the gun lounge,” also employs certified range safety officers from the National Rifle Association. However, none of these gun ranges serves alcohol to its patrons, and children are allowed only under supervision. Next time you think of firing an Uzi or an AK-47 Las Vegas is the place for boom boom action.
When you’re in Vegas, you may shoot up, down, right, left or hit the bulls-eye, but one thing is sure: The boom boom action is one of the main attractions in Las Vegas’ booming attractions, despite the shady ladies that operate houses of ill-fame.