Chris Brown Drake May Be Called As Witnesses In Tony Parker’s $20 million lawsuit

By DiMakco Chandler

You’ve heard the song, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by Bachman—Turner Overdrive, well you haven’t seen nothing yet in the Chris Brown, Drake brawl. The drama is still unfolding. Today we’re learning, as expected, that Tony Parker, the 30-year-old guard for the San Antonio Spurs, is suing the Manhattan nightclub where the fight took place. Reports say that Parker’s retina was scratched during the course of the fight between Brown and Drake. Now Parker is the first of what we believe will be a slew of lawsuits filed as a result of the Manhattan brawl. Parker is asking for $20 million in damages, according to a report by E!, claiming that the club was responsible for having security protect its patrons and thus failed to maintain order, which resulted in the fracas.

TMZ reports that Parker believes that the NYC nightclub should have never let Brown and Drake into the club at the same time since they were aware that they both had dated Rihanna.

Parker’s injury could prove to be quite detrimental to his profession as vision is a necessity for players in the NBA.

The lawsuit was filed in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Thursday, and sources say that the reason Parker moved so quickly is because it appears that the injury will prevent his playing in the 2012 Summer Olympic team.

It won’t surprise anyone if Chris Brown and Drake are called in as witnesses for the lawsuits.