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Chris Brown Drake Rihanna: When Bully Beatdown meets Love & Hip-Hop

By Alexandria Jones

In the aftermath of the Drake and Chris Brown brawl that occurred just two weeks ago, a celebrity-boxing promoter, Damon Feldman, has attempted to cash in on the incident by offering the two hip-hop stars $1 million each to battle it out in a publicized boxing ring. Although neither star has commented on the offer or even acknowledged it on their constantly updated Twitter pages, the world is waiting to know: who’s going be left standing?

Given that reality television has taken over the airwaves with everything from catty housewives to childish game shows and romantic hopefuls searching for love, the fight is likely to bring in some hefty ratings for whichever network airs it. But with a new twist on the rising popularity of violence in the media, I believe the hip-hop culture-driven, whose-album-sales-are-higher, love-triangulated battle will be just the beginning. When you take two genres, hip-hop and violence, that can usually get people from almost any background to strike up a lengthy debate, you have a recipe for both disaster and a huge audience.

Although it may seem like Rihanna is just an innocent bystander waiting to embrace the man towering over the defeated in the ring, we all know that the entire incident has been somewhat beneficial to the artist. She’s being pictured as the damsel in distress, caught in the middle of the dangerous feud between two former lovers. With Chris Brown already enduring his moment of shame after his attack on her, Rihanna really has nothing to lose in this situation. And to add more fuel to the fire, Feldman has agreed to donate $1 million of his own to a battered women’s charity; Rihanna must be thrilled!

The alleged upcoming fight has reported to be extremely short; three one-minute rounds that will be supervised and quickly intervened, and will most likely be held in either Las Vegas, NV or Los Angeles, CA. And by choosing these two locations as options for what could be the pay-per-view fight of the century, it seems as though the hype of the ordeal might actually outlive the ordeal itself. Though neither of the “boxers” nor their representatives have commented on whether the offer was taken or rescinded, looks like we have until August 25th to see what happens when “Bully Beatdown” meets “Love & Hip-Hop.”