Couple kills a man for pimping their 17-year-old daughter

They took matters to their own hands.

Contributed By Roy Denish

A couple exhausted of law-enforcement agencies failure to rescue their daughter from the clutches of an alleged southern California pimp shot him to death on June 4 in their second attempt. Now the couple is facing man-slaughter charges in San Francisco.

The couple had tried valiantly to rescue  their 17-year-old daughter through legitimate channels when their efforts failed, they took matters to their own hands by tracking down the 22-year-old alleged pimp of Compton in southern California and shot him to death.
Prosecutors argued when Barry Gilton and his long time partner Lupe Mercado couldn’t get their daughter back through proper channels they turned to violent method.
“They had gone out to local police agencies, agencies in Southern California – they had even tried talking to national organizations,” said Eric Safire, Gilton’s attorney. “Every place they turned to turned them away.”

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