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Famous Author Ray Bradbury Dies

Author of classics Fahrenheit 451 and Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury has died at 91. Bradbury’s stories were often adapted to radio, television and stage formats. His film “Fahrenheit 451” told a story about a society in which speech was restricted and books were torched. His earlier work “The Martian Chronicles” was a collection of interconnected stories that were eventually produced into a television miniseries. He spent most of his youth studying in libraries and reading H.G. Wells.

In 2009, Bradbury told the New York Times, “Libraries raised me.”

Bradbury and authored almost 50 books and 600 short stories, which provided a glimpse into the future by predicting the emergence of ATM’s and live broadcasts.

Bradbury adapted John Huston’s classic novel into a screenplay so it could be filmed.

Bradbury’s wife of 56 years died in 2003, and he is survived by four daughters.