Gay comic book characters including Alan Scott from Green Lantern series

By Kyra Hall

The gay demographic is not new to comic books. Marvel has had several gay heroes, including Wiccan, Hulkling and Northstar, a member of the X-men due to marry his long-time partner. DC has been known to have gay heroes and heroines in their comics for a long time. Kat Kane, the most recent Batwoman, and Apollo and the Midnighter, an enduring gay couple from the series Authority, are both examples of DC’s dedication to equality. Now a new name joins the lineup of DC’s gay heroes. It is arguably the biggest step towards the spotlight the gay community has had in comics. This newly out hero is not just some side character in an obscure comic book. He is the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

Many people outside of the comic book community know the name Green Lantern thanks to the recent film starring Ryan Reynolds in the role of the ever intrepid Hal Jordan. For those who did not see the film, an important point to note is that the Green Lantern is not one super hero but rather an entire corps of them. Alan Scott was the first to hold the title of Green Lantern, but since then, there have been many other Lanterns with a wide variety of personalities. Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner have all held the honorable title of Green Lantern, but Alan was the first.

When DC chose to do a massive reboot, it reimagined long beloved characters like the Lanterns. Alan Scott had a son, Obsidian, who was a super hero in his own right and happened to be gay. Obsidian was the first superhero to have a gay kiss in comics. When the reboot occurred, Alan was returned to be a young man, and thus his son was no longer in the mythos. DC saw this as a loss of a beloved gay role model, which sparked the decision to reintroduce Alan Scott as a gay character.

The decision to include gay comic characters has been met with hostility by some. The group One Million Moms made the following statement in response to Northstar’s wedding and Alan Scott’s coming out:
“Children desire to be just like superheroes. Children mimic superhero actions and even dress up in costumes to resemble these characters as much as possible. Can you imagine little boys saying, ‘I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?’ This is ridiculous! Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models? They want to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light. These companies are heavily influencing our youth by using children’s superheroes to desensitize and brainwash them into thinking that a gay lifestyle choice is normal and desirable. As Christians, we know that homosexuality is a sin.”

One Million Moms attempts at protesting gay characters have not gone well in the past. A recent issue of the comic series Archie featured Kevin Keller marrying his boyfriend. One Million Moms issued a call for a boycott. The issue then proceeded to sell out in stores across the nation in defiance to the group’s closed mindedness. As for me, I am a lesbian woman who has been a fan of comics ever since I was a little girl. All my role models in the media were straight, yet I am not. I attend comic book events dressed in the costume of a straight superhero (Supergirl), and I am not about to go out and marry a man just because one of my favorite heroines, Black Canary, did. If that does not refute One Million Moms’ claims, I don’t know what will.

Alan Scott is a character in the DC comic, Earth 2. I just hope they don’t sell out too quickly.

5 Responses to "Gay comic book characters including Alan Scott from Green Lantern series"

  1. True collector   June 4, 2012 at 4:41 am

    The fact that the gay community is so needy for equality only furthers them from it. Green lantern was not only one of the most beloved characters from any series he has had many changes as well. His new gay form is similar to when DC made him black. This is not a new issue but it is unecessary for another super hero to have to change just to be PC. Stop changing things to please people who want nothing more than to have more.

  2. Curt   June 2, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    It might be worth noting that calling ‘One Million Moms’ is a bit of a stretch. ‘They’ are basically a webpage with a donation button that goes back to the American Family Association website.

    The AFA is a Southern Poverty Law Association registered hate group and a second generation family business where the family business is hate. They do nothing but issue press releases, send spokesmen to speak on TV and collect donations.

    As far as can be seen, there are no women in charge of AFA and thus 1MM. In fact, when you get down to it, there are no actual ‘Moms’ in One Million Moms at all.

  3. kevin stamps   June 2, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Not everyone is gay. DC comics seems to feel that all teams need a gay person. Teen Titans, which reaches young people, Stormwatch, which had a lot of potential, and the former JLA, which flopped. DC went through financial issues and didn’t lose fans by not putting it, why do so by putting it in and ticking people off? I cancelled Teen Titans and Stormwatch and still pondering what to do with Earth Two. If I do, that would leave one title of DC in my file: JLA. Oh well, might as well plan on doing that in the future. Can anybody say “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE”?

  4. RAT BASTARDSON   June 2, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Well, there goes another innocenty childhood pleasure. Give the homos an inch and they’ll take a mile. Any wonder why the Boy Scouts of America wouldn’t let them in?


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