High Park Fire: Larimer County fire in Colorado near Fort Collins

By Amanda Shore

The High Park 8000-acre wildfire in Colorado is still out of control partially due to high winds, dry conditions and nearby temperatures of at least 90 degrees. The fire was first reported at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning on June 9, 2012. Officials say that they “have no hope of containment today.” Air tankers, helicopters and 250 firefighters continue to try to contain and ultimately extinguish the raging flames. Aside from one case of heat exhaustion, no injuries have claimed these brave people.

For Monday’s fight against the inferno, air, ground and fire engines have been ordered to help. At least 18 structures have been damaged or destroyed. One person has been reported missing so far.

Evacuation notices have been sent out to more that 730 people, but some of them could not be reached to receive the warning. Several areas were already evacuated. The entire process is being handled with the utmost efficiency and authority.

Three other wildfires have already occurred earlier this month in Colorado alone. Only time will tell how much more will burn before summer is over.

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