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Is autism caused by parents or environmental factors?

By Christina Mitchell

There has recently been much hype about Autism being caused by vaccinations. Right now, there is an ongoing controversy that many parents believe may be the cause of the recent spikes in Autism. It is speculated that perhaps the MMR vaccination is the sole problem as to why we now see a 1 in 5 ratio of children with Asperger’s or Autism. There have been many claims to this topic throughout the world, but they are unable to actually link enough proof to show that it is a definite cause of either one of these conditions.

So far, the medical experts point both Autism and Asperger’s (a slightly passive form of Autism) to the family’s genetics. But in recent news, many parents and medical personnel have pointed to a toxic womb being the cause behind a child’s risk of both of these conditions. Several doctors have conducted studies with Autism and the parental choices surrounding their pregnancy. Now, society has new concerns on whether or not Autism can be caused by a mother’s environmental factors.

Two studies were conducted, one in 1977 and a new study, that both found that identical twins shared the autism diagnosis. They were surprised to find that now a higher number of fraternal twins both shared the autism diagnosis when before, in 1977, only one fraternal twin was diagnosed. It raised questions as to why there was a change and they presume that it is caused by the mother’s environment. Among these factors that would concern an expecting parent would be the age of the mother and father, genotype of mother, immune reaction in womb, drug use, illnesses, vitro fertilization and toxic elements in the environment.

This sudden rise of autism has now brought attention to the public concerning a wide range of factors that could link ASD to future children. From the toxic mercury vaccination scare to genetic and neurological aspect of brain irregularities. There has been a wide range of hypothesis towards what and how autism is caused. There have been many scientific researches on ASD but so far there has been insufficient evidence that concludes its cause and whom is to blame for the recent spikes. From genetics to vaccinations to the most recent claim of environmental factors ASD is difficult to pin point the origin of how and where this disorder develops and which child it will affect.

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