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Are John Edwards’ campaigning days over

By Amber Malise

Tearing up during a speech right after a railroad track of courtrooms and bad press. I think the tear jerker was a great touch for #TeamJEds. Was he guilty, or did he act like anyone would have acted during a flare up in the prime of a long career?

“I did an awful lot that was wrong, there is no one responsible for my sins,” Edwards said, after yet another courtroom rave. “Sin.” It’s stated in a variety of books that sins comes with consequences for politicians or custodians. But just like God’s response to sinners, John Edwards deserved to be forgiven. Was the donation meant for campaign purposes? Or was he trying to throw away a key of a locked closet full of skeletons so that his wife wouldnt open the door to see what Johnny boy was up to?

If Mr. Edwards would have been found guilty on the six felony charges that he was charged with, he would be awfully crowded in that jail cell for the next 30 years. Instead, John Edwards was not found guilty for “accepting or receiving illegal contributions Rachel Mellon. The jury was deadlocked on the other five felony counts.

Let’s see how long his friends with money and power will take before they hold him socially accountable for those charges that the jury were deadlocked on.