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Jeff Dunham: The Controlled Chaos Tour

By Amanda Shore

Jeff Dunham, the famous ventriloquist, will be touring the United States and parts of Canada this summer. The tour will start at Caesars Palace on June 22 on Las Vegas, NV and end on September 20 in Puyallup, WA.

Dunham has been putting smiles on everyone’s faces since 1996 when he first performed with his puppet Walter. His fame kept growing and then hit an all-time high when he introduced Achmed the Dead Terrorist. The talented performer also does stand-up comedy, which is normally featured before he brings out his cast of ventriloquist dummies.

In addition to his famous cast of dummies, he will be introducing a brand new cast member: Little Jeff.

Hurry and purchase your tickets now. They are already sold out in some cities.To see concert dates and times and purchase tickets, visit jeffdunhamtour.org.