Mines of Moria LEGO set astounds Lord of the Rings fans

By Amanda Shore

LEGO has outdone itself once again with the recently-released Mines of Moria set. Even better than the Shelob Attacks set released in January 2012, this new set includes fantastic detail in the characters. Included are Pippin, a Cave Troll, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir and a Moria Orc. Some of the characters have multiple facial expressions as well.

The fine details in the pieces astounds me and I’m sure many other fans. Detailed instruction booklets are also included for easy assembly. While it can be time-consuming to put together, it is an experience that is well worth it.

This is a great addition to any LEGO or Lord of the Rings fan’s collection.

Keep an eye out for the new Lord of the Rings LEGO video game to be released soon.

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