Jerry Sandusky sent love letters to alleged victims: Will Penn State’s Football Program Recover

By DiMarkco Chandler

Gerald Arthur “Jerry” Sandusky, the former assistant coach at Pennsylvania State University under recently deceased head coach Joe Paterno, faces 500 years behind bars on charged mounting to 52 counts of molesting 10 boys over a 15-year period.

The indictments came after a three-year investigation that uncovered accusations and evidence of inappropriate contact with more than eight boys.

Jury selection began Tuesday, June 6, 2012 and ended today with 12 jurors and four alternates selected to hear the case against Sandusky. On Monday, Sandusky is scheduled to go on trial.

Among those selected a retired school bus driver, a Penn State professor, a Wal-Mart employee and a Penn State football season ticketholder.

Perhaps the most surprising news we learned this week were the alleged love letters and gifts Sandusky sent to his victims. ABC News reports that “Victim 4, one of Sandusky’s eight accusers, said he received intimate letters from the former coach…Victim 4, who is expected to be the first person to testify, will also show gifts Sandusky gave him during the course of their relationship.?

Evidence in this case seems to keep mounting up, and from the looks of things, most experts believe that it’s no longer a matter of guilt or innocence.

I would love to here how you feel about this case: Will Sandusky survive this ordeal? Will Penn State recover

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