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Jim Carrey’s love for Emma Stone: A heartwarming video

By Kyra Hall

When Jim Carrey posted a video professing his love for Emma Stone last summer, the Internet collectively shuddered in response to the creepiness of a 49-year-old man professing love to a 23-year-old girl. As usual, the Internet overreacted. Emma Stone was not in the least upset by the video and was, in her own words, “really flattered.” Emma discussed her admiration for Carrey’s comedy and stated that she and her friends had lauded Carrey after the MTV movie awards last year just shortly before the video came out.

In the video, Jim Carrey talks about what he would do were he an appropriate age to be with Emma, all while acknowledging that he is too old. He gives her warm and genuine well wishes at the end of the video. Many have called Carrey obsessed, but the evidence simply does not back it up. Carrey made one video, and in it he acknowledged that he was not an appropriate age to be with Emma Stone and wished her a happy and fulfilling life. The video is more heart-warming than unsettling.

It is not at all uncommon for people with an age gap even wider than the one between Carrey and Stone to be married. It shows Carrey’s strength of character that he does not actually propose that they ignore their age difference. Stone’s pleasant reaction came as a surprise to many, but perhaps it shouldn’t have. Every girl is pleased to hear that someone thinks she is beautiful and wants the best for her in life. If Carrey had asked her out, or proposed to her in the video, that would be a different story. Instead, he expressed his affection and respect for Miss Stone, and that should not be frowned upon.

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