Justin Bieber’s Believe leads charts and inspires Simon Cowell to create Canadian X Factor

By Amanda Shore

Justin Bieber’s album Believe sold 374,000 copies in the first week of its release, resulting in the young star’s highest sales on any one of his albums. In Canada, he sold 57,000 copies in the first week, landing him at the number one spot on Canada’s charts. It had the best first-week sales total since “MY Xyloto” by Coldplay in October. This October, Bieber will tour Canada starting in Calgary and ending in Toronto.

With all the Canadian stars like Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, and Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell got the idea to start a Canadian X Factor. He stated, “What we’ve been talking about today is putting together a judging panel that can actually do the job they’re being paid to do: find the diamond in the rough, change that person’s style of music to what he/she/they should be doing and create a star because, for me, that’s how I determine the success of these shows.” He also said that he would be willing to finance the show if the right deal was made, but he was somewhat let down by some recent installments of his series.

Maybe Cowell can work something out. I’m sure it will be a hit if he does!

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