CCSD Declares Impasse in Contract Talks With the Clark County Education Association.

CCSD Declares Impasse in Contract Talks With the Clark County Education Association

By Jim Donahue

The Clark County School District officially declared an impasse on contract negotiations with the CCEA, the local teachers’ union. School District spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson indicated that the impasse was declared because of a lack of response to correspondence regarding the scheduling of additional negotiation dates.

In an effort to provide an employment contract to teachers before the new school year, CCSD has moved forward on the process of involving a third-party arbitrator. “Teachers deserve answers,” said CCSD spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson. “It is our goal to have a contract in place by the time our employees return from summer break.”

The Clark County Education Association said in a statement that the District and CCEA were scheduled to meet on July 11, 2012; however, CCSD unilaterally walked away from the negotiation table.

Normally, there have to be a total of four negotiating sessions before am impasse can be declared.

It is unfortunate that Superintendent Jones has taken this action. The district’s actions will not put one laid off teacher back in the classroom.

CCEA calls on the Clark County School Board of Trustees to intervene; instruct the Superintendent to return to the negotiation table and bargain in good faith to restore teachers to the classroom before the start of the school year.

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